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List of Products

Gaer Farm Meats, is our family meat business. It encompasses a wide range of animals which we either sell direct to slaughter or we retail ourselves. We have Pedigree Longhorn Cattle and Dexters, and pure bred Scottish Blackface and Welsh mountain Sheep, Gloucester Old Spot, Tamworth and Saddleback pigs. Gloucester Old Spot pigs provide good body depth, whereas Tamworth pigs give us good body length, and the Saddleback pigs have good body width. Combined, they provide excellent bacon and gammon. These three breeds give us the great flexibility we need for our pork, bacon and sausages. We also have chicken and duck most of the year.

All of our meat is home produced in order to ensure clean meat, free from antibiotics and other medications. The animals are fed on a mixed diet to ensure they mature naturally. We pride ourselves in letting all livestock grow at their own rate, and so ensuring a natural, traditional taste.


Sausages are made from the meat, plus seasoning with the minimum amount of rusk to bind the sausages together. The ingredients for burgers, is only the meat stated with the seasoning added. The bacon is all home-cured and all products are vacuum packed.

We sell from the farm, and all guests have our sausages and bacon for breakfast. The meat for evening meals is all our own.

Visitors are welcome to purchase meat directly from the farm or can do so at the following Farmers Markets which we attend regularly.