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Mid Wales has the greatest density and diversity of birds of prey in southern Britain...Mid Wales was home to the last remaining Native Kites. Now, due to the hard work of the Conservation bodies here in Wales, Red Kites are once again in the ascendance.

Red kites are a chestnut red with striking white patches under the wings and a whitish head. Viewed from above, a broad white crescent curves across the inner part of the wings, but it is the underside that produces the most startling image.

The pale grey head is equipped with hooded amber eyes ringed with lemon yellow. The beak, wickedly hooked and very sharp, is designed for tearing meat and killing small prey animals.

It has a wingspan of nearly two metres, but a relatively small body weight of 2 - 3 Ibs. This means the bird is incredibly agile, and can stay in the air for many hours with hardly a beat of its wings.

A red kite in flight
A red kite in flight

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